Thai Tea with Cook Kee Mao Thai Street Kitchen

Cook Kee Mao Thai Street Kitchen is an Asian restaurant located in Houston, TX, that is passionate about bringing the rich and bold flavors of Thai cuisine to its customers. Among the many popular items on our menu is our delicious and authentic Thai tea. Made with special tea leaves, and other high-quality ingredients, our Thai tea is the perfect way to refresh and energize yourself as you indulge in our delectable seafood and other mouth-watering dishes. In addition to our dine-in and takeout options, we offer catering services for special events and occasions. We take pride in our commitment to using the freshest ingredients when making every dish for our catering menu. We are passionate about creating dishes that bring out the best of Thai flavors, as well as giving our customers the most memorable dining experience. Visit us today and discover why our Thai tea and dishes have earned us a reputation as one of Houston's best Asian restaurants.